Your FREE Texas Real Estate Scouting Guide Below!

Make money driving around looking for houses.

Follow the steps below to begin real estate scouting by submitting property leads/referrals and get on your way to receiving $3000.

  1. If you haven’t registered yet, Text SCOUT4CASH to 24587 and hit send. You will receive a confirmation Text that will contain a link that leads to this page. We will send Text updates from that registration number.
  2. Read our buying criteria:
  3. Go find some houses! Get the address and take a picture of the house if you can.
  4. Submit leads here:

When you send in a lead, we will respond if we need any more information.

Our team will track down the owner and see if they want to sell the property at a discounted price. If they sell us the house, we will pay you $3,000 at closing, which is usually 2-3 weeks after we sign the contract with them. We will update you along the way so you know what is going on and what you can plan on.

A real estate scout is like a bird dog, sniffing out where the opportunities are!

We look forward to paying you $3000!

Make Money Driving Around Real Estate Scouting or Being a Bird DogGive us a call at 979-383-2590 if you have any questions.