The winner will receive a $25 Saltgrass Steakhouse Gift Card!

scouting competition saltgrass gift card

Rules: Be a Real Estate Bird Dog and scout for houses between Friday 4/21 and Friday 4/28. Send in a picture and address to our submission page of the ugliest house you can find next to a nice house. Submit as many entries as you want. Be sure to include your name and email with each submission. Remember when you are looking for houses that lead to $3,000 cash in your pocket, you need to find ugly beat up houses in great neighborhoods. Even if you are new and want to participate in our real estate scouting competition, no problem! First register for our scouting program HERE.

something aint right

See how the house on the left looks fine but the house on the right has all the windows boarded up? That is what you are looking for. Ugly house next to a decent house. Send a picture with both houses in the photo and the address of the ugly house. If your house ends up getting purchased we will pay you $3,000!

The scout who sends in the best prospect for earning $3,000 will win the gift card!

We will notify everyone of the winner on this page by the following Monday.

Good Hunting!



Previous Competition Winners:

4/28/17 – Geoff T.